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dGenesis Bridge


The next evolution of dGenesis is finally here! Today we are making history by introducing the dGenesis Arbitrum NFT Bridge. The Arbitrum NFT bridge will allow dGenesis Prime NFTs to enjoy the best of all that Layer 1 and Layer 2 technologies offer. To our knowledge, we are the first project to implement the ability to send NFTs from Ethereum to Arbitrum(and back, of course!)....

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dGenesis Governance


As promised, governance is ready! This process will allow the community to guide the direction of dGenesis by providing a standardized method to submit, review, vote on, and implement proposals. It consists of two new applications; the governance forum and Snapshot....

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dGenesis Drifting Drips


We are incredibly excited to announce our upcoming collection of artwork, dGenesis Drifting Drips. This collection is the culmination of months of refinement and experimentation, and the output is a paragon of long-form generative art....

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Introducing The dGenesis Vault Token (DGV)


Today the dGenesis Vault Token is claimable by all dGenesis Automaton holders as of the snapshot taken at block #13384600 on October 9th, 2021. We believe the DGV token will revolutionalize and democratize the NFT landscape. DGV allows dGenesis to transition into a platform focused on adding value to artists and their collectors, bypassing the legacy construct of extracting value from its users. dGenesis is now community-owned, and DGV holders control the future of dGenesis. ...

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dGenesis - The Way Forward


One of the truly beautiful things about decentralization, focused teams, and cutting-edge technologies is the ability to innovate at a tremendously rapid pace. A challenge this introduces is the ability to communicate day to day work and how it affects longer term goals; or even what those longer term goals are. So today we want to take a minute and set the stage for where we are and what is next....