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dGenesis Bridge


The next evolution of dGenesis is finally here! Today we are making history by introducing the dGenesis Arbitrum NFT Bridge. The Arbitrum NFT bridge will allow dGenesis Prime NFTs to enjoy the best of all that Layer 1 and Layer 2 technologies offer. To our knowledge, we are the first project to implement the ability to send NFTs from Ethereum to Arbitrum(and back, of course!).

The Details

The dGenesis team has upgraded the dGenesis Prime contract on Ethereum and deployed a new dGenesis Prime contract on Arbitrum. These contracts can send and receive messages using Arbitrum's cross-chain messaging capabilities. The messages allow the contracts to coordinate on what layer the NFT resides. The minting and DGV reward process will now take place entirely on Arbitrum. After mint, the NFTs can be bridged to Ethereum whenever the user desires.

The Process

A dGenesis Prime NFT can be bridged from the new My Collection page. If you don't have a Prime NFT, mint one! Select the NFTs to bridge and click the bridge button at the bottom of the screen. Simple!

Ethereum to Arbitrum (L1 to L2)

Ethereum to Arbitrum transactions take about 10 minutes. The status of the bridge transaction can be viewed from the Ethereum Bridge Transactions Page.

Arbitrum to Ethereum (L2 to L1)

Bridging an NFT from L2 to L1 is a two-step process. The first step is to initiate the bridge transaction from the My Collection page. As a security measure, Arbitrum requires a challenge period to occur before the NFT can be successfully bridged. This currently is a 7 day time period. After 7 days pass, the NFT can be claimed on L1 using the Arbitrum Bridge Transactions Page.

Why Bridge?

NFT transactions on Ethereum can be expensive and cost-prohibitive in many cases. L2 native NFTs are much cheaper to transact but lose access to the liquidity and audience that Ethereum provides. A bridgeable NFT allows for increased experimentation, while providing all the upside of an L1 native NFT. We believe Arbitrum is a natural home for the vast majority of NFT use cases.

Whats Next

We are currently incredibly excited to be partnered with the Naptoons project. We are hoping to release final details shortly and begin gearing up for the project launch.