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dGenesis Governance


As promised, governance is ready! This process will allow the community to guide the direction of dGenesis by providing a standardized method to submit, review, vote on, and implement proposals. It consists of two new applications; the governance forum and Snapshot.


The governance forum provides a medium more conducive to debate and long-form conversations. We know the community has a lot of ideas, and we think the forum will provide an excellent medium to get those ideas out into the public view.


The dGenesis Snapshot is the tool used to vote on proposals. It assigns voting power based on an account's DGV holdings. It does not matter if the DGV is staked or unstaked.

Whats Next

We will kick off the governance by putting up the first improvement proposal, which will standardize the governance process. We will then follow on with proposals to enhance the utility of DGV, and of course we welcome community proposals as well!

We are also working on expanding our Arbitrum presence. It is perhaps our most ambitious project yet! We do not yet have an anticipated launch date, but we will share more details in the coming weeks. We believe it will greatly benefit the dGenesis community and the broader Arbitrum Community!